About Me

So a little about me. I decided to finally start my blog after taking a hiatus from blogging. Back in 2003 I had a blog called ‘She Never Learns’ which covered topics from dealing with a dysfunctional relationship, taking too many recreational drugs and being a student in a rather hedonistic party town in the UK.

Fast forward 16 years and I can assure you I am not in the position I thought I’d be in. Ok so I have a successful career that I adore, however I live in a tiny home alone in the middle of a big field with my two cats. I have wonderful friends and an active social life, but I am single and childless at nearly 39 years old. I really thought I’d be smuggly married off with 2 beautiful children who I adored but that wasn’t to be…yet. A woman has to live in hope right?

Some may say I have been extremely unlucky in love. Perhaps a little. I have certainly dated and had relationships with many different men – from gaming addicts to meth addicts, from foreign casanovas to knock your socks off musicians. After talking to friends and acquaintances over the years, I decided it was time to document my successes and failures in love. This blog is part self-indulgence, part therapy. Hopefully there will be people out there who stumble upon this blog one day and sigh with a huge smile and say, “Oh, thank goodness. Me too!”

When it comes to love, I am the eternal optimist. ‘I get knocked down then I get back up again’. My king is out there and for now this queen is just going to keep going on these dating escapades. 

This blog will cover my adventure to love as well as the spiritual journey that I am on. All names have been changed to protect people’s identities. I hope you will enjoy my story as much as I enjoy creating it. As you can see, so far the design is incredibly simple. I’m not very tech savvy and have often thought I was born in the wrong era. But what I’m hoping is that as I evolve, this blog will evolve and you can all say you were supporting me from the beginning, finally sharing my story and yours!

Thank you and much love, you know who you are xxx


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