Mr Ferrari Part 2

I was finally going to see Mr Ferrari again. It had been about three weeks and not that much contact in between. I really didn’t know what to expect from this date but decided to be open-minded because we got on well on date one and there was definite chemistry.

Mr Ferrari picked me up to go out. No it wasn’t the Ferrari, phew, but a rather nice BMW SUV. I can cope with that. We went to the local cinema which is a bit of a dive to be honest and the only bar is in the corner on plastic tables and chairs. Not sure if this is the standard a multi-millionaire is used to but that’s why I like him. He is very down to earth.

He had a coke and bought me a red wine and we chatted easily about what had been going on in our lives. It was nice. And great to see that he doesn’t have to be swigging back shots on a date. Obviously sticks to soft drinks if driving.

I was amused when we got into the cinema. It was an Indian film and I was the only white person in there. The film was great though. A bit far-fetched in places but I totally enjoyed it. And most importantly I enjoyed his company.

We cuddled up in the cinema on the back row with him obviously trying to seduce me because he was kissing my neck and ears 80 percent of the movie. I wasn’t complaining. It reminded me that the chemistry was there, although anybody could probably kiss my neck and get me going these days, I feel like I’ve been single so long. Starved from physical touch apart from hugs from children and pussy cats.

Mr Ferrari was witty, making comments throughout the film. Not all the time and not in an annoying way. It actually made the movie more enjoyable.

After the movie he drove me home. We arrived at my place and he took his seatbelt off. I was adamant not to invite him in. It was nearly 11 o’clock and I had work the next day and the main reason was I didn’t want him to think that by inviting me on a date it automatically leads to sex. I know backtracking a bit here, the deed has already been done however I’d like to ensure that he doesn’t think dates always equal sex otherwise I’m in a friends with benefits situation.

So I leaned over to kiss him but couldn’t kiss him very passionately because my lips were all burnt and blistered from the date with the Skydiving Instructor. Ugghh that annoying date was lingering on in my life. After our kiss we said goodnight.

The next day Mr Ferrari sent me a happy valentines message. It was cheesy and funny with a little bitmoji of him and a bow and arrow shooting hearts. There was another one of him clicking his fingers and sending hearts in the air saying sending love. They made me smile.

We’ve stayed in touch in the way he always has, texts every now and then to check in. Always nice and showing he thinks about me but not sure this is going anywhere. One date a month isn’t really what I’m looking for…

We were meant to be going to a festival together next weekend. NZ Spirit Fest. I had a feeling he would pull out. I’m not quite sure whether he is fully ready to fully immerse himself into the hippie yogic lifestyle I love.

Yesterday I got my confirmation

F: Happy Sunday Gorgeous! x. 4 days to go to the Festival! Unfortunately my Aunt is ill so I have to take Mum to Wellington later this week 😦 x

(Maybe this is true, but I still suspect he’s seeing a few different women working us all out. That’s ok)

Q: Happy Sunday xx Sorry to hear about your aunt and that you can’t go to the festival. Not the right time. There will be plenty more x

F: Thanks Hun! I look fwd to learning more about meditation / spirituality / alternative health πŸ™‚ x Have a wonderful, enlightening time there! Look fwd to hearing all about it! x

So he’s not gone, still in the picture but gosh the pace is slow so of course I just have to get to know others.

Had a spontaneous date with the drug and alcohol worker on Friday. I shall call him Drug and Alcohol Man.

I obviously haven’t learnt my lesson about going on dates with guys with hats. A baseball cap can change a man’s whole look.

It was one of those dates where the man looked NOTHING like his photos. I think it’s actually deceitful when a man does this. Drug and Alcohol Man turned up to pick me up ( no idea why I let this one pick me up, laziness and foolishness I think) and within 3 seconds I knew that I just wasn’t going to be attracted to him.

I don’t like to be mean about a person’s appearance but he was overweight, bald and had no neck. I think that was the worst bit, the fact he was neckless. He gave me a massive hug and said “wow, your photos don’t do you justice” God knows what I was meant to reply to that. I wanted to say, “and your photos make you look like a male model.” But no I just thanked him.

He had told me he was taking me to dinner and had just picked up his suit from the dry cleaners. “Suit?” I asked. “Wow that’s posh”. So I decided I better dress up for the occasion. No wonder he thought my photos didn’t do me justice. I had dolled myself up like I was going to a Michelin star restaurant. Little did I know that i was going to the ‘Postman’s Leg’. A pub!

The conversation was ok, fairly interesting but no spark even there. When we got to the pub it just got challenging. He ordered us our drinks and he ordered a coke and raspberry. As he ordered it. I said, “what’s that drink? I’ve never heard of it.”

The bar man jokingly said, “it’s a very sweet kid’s drink.”

Well Drug and Alcohol Man didn’t like that. He almost became threatening to the poor unsuspecting bar man (a bit of his drug and alcohol past coming out maybe) and said, “look mate I wouldn’t take the piss if I were you, you won’t be laughing if you do.” All said with a menacing voice. Then paused after the bar man’s smile had turned upside down and said, “only joking”.

I don’t think he was joking and by this stage I was slightly nervous about him driving me home. Luckily the rest of the evening improved but it all felt a bit odd.

I did get home safely and he text me as soon as he got home.

D: Thanks for your company this evening Queen, I had a lovely time πŸ™‚

I politely replied the next day…

Q: Thanks for your company and dinner too. Have a good weekend.

What I want to know is why do the ones I’m not interested in always show the most interest? Frustrating.

Oh and guess who got in touch with me today? The Investigating Solicitor.

I had deleted Viber which was how we always communicated and I had a missed call on my phone. I couldn’t even remember who he was. His real name is the same as many others I have dated so it was mystery but then I remembered, The Investigating Solicitor. He basically contacted me to reconnect and ask me out again. I politely declined. He asked why. I said I just don’t believe what you say. He told me it wasn’t right to assume he’s a liar and then said, “Anyways I better let you go. At least I did try”.

Try? Didn’t look like it from where I was standing. I loved being picked up from the airport and him helping me clean up cat sick but apart from that, try he did not.

Oh and Pumpkin Man resurrected from the dead too. His excuse for disappearing was thinking I’d moved to the UK. We text back and forth a few times until it fizzled out again. Just got to hear from The Smoking Account again and then I’ve got a hat trick.

On a more positive note I stayed with The Beekeeper this weekend. To find out what happened in The Beekeeper Part 2 stay tuned.