The Physiotherapist

Wow what a start to the year. I’ve had such an amazing time seeing friends and family and it feels like a very long time since I have written a story. This one will be a summary of my first date of 2020. Can’t believe all that has happened to me so far and we’re still in January.

So whilst in the UK, I had three friends say to me that they had had a vision of me meeting someone in the UK. Well because of this I then went on a swiping mission on Bumble because I was scared of missing out on this man who might have been created just for me.

I stumbled upon a rather gorgeous guy, a physiotherapist, in his early thirties, into photography and travel. We started messaging and it flowed really well. He seemed lovely. He then asked if he could see me. I agreed but told him I was actually staying 25 minutes away with a friend and had my suitcase so would he be able to pick me up. He agreed and said he also had a lovely sofa for me to sleep on.

Now I should have questioned more into why a man would be interested in someone who lives in New Zealand and would be returning there in a couple of weeks, but he was writing things like, “maybe we are meeting for a reason and maybe this is my sign to go to New Zealand”. So of course I fell for it hook, line and sinker.

The Physiotherapist picked me up and was just as gorgeous in real life. There was instant chemistry and I felt like I’d known him for years. I immediately got carried away with my daydream of us falling in love and him moving to New Zealand. It did feel a bit funny arriving with a suitcase, especially as only a few days before, my friends and I had laughed and discussed whether you’d ever or had ever turned up on a first date with a case. I had laughed and declared, “Of course not” Oops famous last words.

We parked up, walked around the corner and I felt complete nostalgia. This was the road I had lived on 18 years previously. I told him this was bringing back memories and that I used to live near there. He replied, “you didn’t live above the chip shop did you?”

“As a matter of fact I did,” I answered. And the weirdest thing happened I was now walking into the same building of flats I had lived in 18 years ago. I freaked out a bit and thought what are the chances of that? I also thought that it was a sign from the universe and surely it meant that this was the man I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.

His apartment was lovely. There had obviously been some work done on these flats since I lived in mine as it just had a much better layout.

I looked out of the window at Brighton Pier and immediately felt at home.

It was pouring with rain so the Physiotherapist said we can go out or we can have some wine here first. I was enjoying his company and flat so much I said to stay at the flat and have wine.

He served me a really yummy glass of red wine. This man was just getting better: gorgeous looking, a good job, loves travelling and fantastic taste in wine. We talked and talked and talked and I just loved every second of it. It was so lovely to be attracted and have a connection with someone after the Smoking Accountant who if truth be told, despite his issues, I was still missing a bit.

We shared the bottle of wine and it appeared that there would be no partying in Brighton that night. It was a shame but it was the 2nd of January, raining and far to cosy in the flat. On top of loving everything about the evening his music taste was the same as mine too. We had this weird moment where he asked me what music he should play. For some reason I was going between Trevor Hall who I love at the moment and Chet Faker. I kept thinking Chet Faker as I just knew it would be his favourite. Don’t ask me how I knew this. We hadn’t even talked music yet. We went for Trevor Hall but after that he said, “I’ll play you my favourite.” Sure enough it was Chet Faker ‘Talk is Cheap’. I just knew and thought that this was more evidence for him being my soul mate.

We were getting closer to each other on the sofa and he put his arm around me. We had a lovely cuddle and then the cuddle led to a kiss. Oh my goodness… it was the best kiss I’d had for years. So passionate, so arousing. I was so in the moment I hadn’t even noticed that his hands were down my knickers. Suddenly it didn’t feel so good. This isn’t how a gentleman should pleasure his woman, by jabbing his fingers inside her like a sex-starved teenager. I told him to stop and wriggled away. Told him he was moving too quickly and backed away. He was fine and said, “would you rather just cuddle?” I thought this sounded like a much lovelier option.

We then fell asleep on the sofa cuddling. A bit later he asked if I’d be comfier sleeping in his bed. I was all drowsy and thought this would be a good idea. He stripped off down to his boxers I got into bed with all my clothes on. He then offered me a t-shirt so I put that on.

We were having a lovely cuddle and then the amazing passionate kiss started up again. It all got rather heated and before I knew it, he was putting his cock inside me. “Um, I’m not on any contraception and I don’t like to have sex without a condom.”

“Oh you’re not on the pill?” he questioned. And with that he stopped and went to sleep. Hmm this wasn’t feeling like my soul mate anymore.

The next morning his alarm went of at about 4:30am. He didn’t cuddle me but was just looking at his phone so I just lay there. He got up at 5am and said he was going to the gym and he’d be back later.

So you have a woman in your bed who is only in Brighton for one night and you’re still going to the gym??? This made no sense to me and quite frankly I was a little offended.

He came back at about 7am. We had a nice chat then he cooked me breakfast before he went to work but the whole vibe was different. Whilst we ate breakfast he was just on his phone the whole time. It was such a contrast to the connection we’d had the night before. It then started to dawn on me, maybe this guy was just after a once night stand and we didn’t even have that because he didn’t have condoms.

The Physiotherapist left for work and told me I could stay in the flat as long as I liked. We had one more perfect kiss and with that he was gone. I actually felt pretty upset after he left.

We have stayed in touch a little but he never made any effort to see me again whilst I was still in the UK. He still says he’s going to make it to NZ one of these days but as attracted as I was to him something tells me he’s not the one. Oh well it was a magical night until he showed me how bad he was in the sex department and I will never forget that kiss. Absolute bliss that takes you to another universe.

I actually got over The Physiotherapist rather quickly because the next day the Investigating Solicitor phoned me. Now he was the one I was most looking forward to coming back home to see. I will share that story next time.