Geek Chic

I’ve got just over an hour until I set off for my flight back to the UK and wondered if I could squish in one more story of how my last week has been.

I managed to fit in two more dates for the pure hell of it. I actually could have gone on a couple more but declined them. One I could smell hook up from a mile off and the other wanted to come round and bring me weed. One night stands and getting high with strangers didn’t really feel like a safe bet just before heading home to see loved ones.

The first date I had was Thursday evening we shall call him the Portuguese Engineer. He was absolutely charming  via text, nice photos and 32 years old. Originally we were going to meet in town. He tried pushing it so that I would come even closer to where he lived but I said that was too far so he ended up coming closer towards mine. 

We met at the train station in Kingsland. I wasn’t going to get the train but I’d already had a wine with a friend beforehand and I saw there was a train leaving in ten minutes so thought why not rather than drive. I am on holiday after all.

The Portuguese Engineer wasn’t bad looking on first sight however he was wearing these really geeky glasses and he looked about 12 years old. I wonder if he actually lied about his age to get a date with an older woman. This has happened to me before. Of course it has! What hasn’t when it comes to dating? 

Although I wasn’t immediately attracted to this man I decided to give him a chance because he seemed lovely. We went to the Portland and he told me to find a seat while he got us a wine. I thought that this was a lovely touch because usually I’m standing at the bar next to the man wondering if I should be at least offering to pay for my drink. I happily allowed him to be a gentleman.

Conversation was really interesting and he was cultured and intelligent. I liked him enough to see him again. We had two wines and then when I got back from the toilet he told me he’d had a text from his flatmate saying she’d been locked out of the house. Um I’m sure I’ve heard that ole chestnut a couple of times. We’d been out for a couple of hours, so why not just say he had to get back home?

I said to him, “Well I guess you need to get going then, to let her in?” He replied that there was no rush but he did need to get home and pack. He had work in the morning followed by a trip to Australia for two weeks to visit friends. Saying he had to go home and pack would have been ample reason for heading home.

We looked at the train timetable and saw he had a train in 7 minutes and mine was in 20. He asked if I minded if he took the one in 7. I didn’t mind, but it would have been nice if he’d got the train after my one.

We chatted on the platform whilst waiting for his train when I saw my train pull up on the other side. Hmm, maybe I was in fact in time for the earlier one. There was no way I thought I’d make it over two flights of stairs and a bridge but he told me to go for it. We didn’t even have time for an awkward hug goodbye. I charged off in a most unladylike fashion and unlike train guards in the UK, when you shout, “WAIT!” They actually wait. In the UK they let the doors slam onto your body so you’re half in half out as the train begins to leave.

The Portuguese Engineer text me as soon as I got on the train.

P: And this is why I love NZ, the train chap waited for you to get into the train. How nice is that? (Hug emoji)

Lovely to meet you today Queen, thank you so much for coming to meet me over a few wines 🙂

Q: I know!!! It’s amazing. In the UK they’d let the doors slam with you in it.

Lovely to meet you too Portuguese Engineer, Good chats and thank you for the wine. I will look for that book.

(He had recommended a book called ‘Shantaram’ which I may look for, for my flight. Sounds amazing).

P: Haha please do and let me know what you think 🙂

Q: I will… if I ever finish it lol

P: Hahahaha

Not sure what I wrote was worthy of a quadruple ha but that’s ok. 

And that was the end of that. Not sure I’ll hear from him again but a nice guy nonetheless.

When I got home I was almost naughty and broke a rule. A fit Investigating Solicitor wanted to either go out or come round with wine. It was only 8:30pm so I nearly said come round. I couldn’t be bothered to go out. But then I came to my senses and thought perhaps not. He then phoned me and was absolutely lovely so I was gutted about my decision. Good looking, intelligent and lovely to talk to. We have swapped numbers and have agreed to meet when I get back so we shall see. He also text me the other day to say his brother had had a baby so it was nice to hear from him.

Ok was going to start writing about the most awkward date ever but I’ll have to save that for another day. Travel nerves are getting the better of me and I need to check for my wallet and passport for the millionth time.

Look out for the next instalment about the date with the Racing Car Mechanic and find out what the Queen could have done that was SO bad that she got unmatched before she even arrived home.