Do I Look Like a Pumpkin to You?

On Tuesday I met up with Dave. Dave is 34. Works for a fishing company selling merchandise. We had been texting and speaking on the phone for about a month. Another man who picks up the phone??!!! (Maybe my luck was changing). Out of all the phone call men (him, Brian – who lived far away and rejected me and Karl – who argued with my friend) this was the one I was most interested in, purely because he is an open book like me and very very funny. Takes quite a lot to make me laugh but when I find people with a similar sense of humour I am quite the laugher.

Dave asked me what I fancied doing and I said, “drink and chat, or a movie.” (He originally wanted to go for an evening beach walk. Erm, Nope).  He text through a few movies and all sounded good. Nice film choices Dave! So I told him he could pick. We decided to meet before the movie, so we could have a chat first. Glad we were doing that. Would be a bit weird walking straight into a movie theatre with a man I didn’t know.

I arrived at the bar first. Sat myself down and ordered a red wine. For once I was exactly on time. Dave should have taken advantage of this. This was sure to be the only time I’d not be keeping him waiting. He wasn’t too late. Greeted me with a nice hug, phew, he didn’t shake my hand like Irish, and asked if I was alright for a drink. I may like my wine but I wasn’t going to gulp the one I had in order to get another one off him.

The conversation flowed and was easy. It helped that we had spoken quite a bit on the phone. There was only one slip where he started talking about his ex. He must have noticed my expression because he stopped talking about her rather quickly. I can’t hide what I’m thinking unfortunately. My face says it all.

Dave wasn’t my type physically. There wasn’t immediate attraction but I had already decided that if he got in contact with me again I would see him to see if attraction develops. This has never happened for me before so God knows why I keep thinking it will when I meet a guy I’m not overly attracted too. Wishful thinking I guess.

I enjoyed the movie. I also gave him points for pre-ordering the movie tickets and organising that side of things. I bought him a beer to say thank you.  We saw ‘Jo Jo Rabbit’ – a quirky strange little film. As much as i love movies, I’m not about to bore myself or anybody who is reading this with a film review as this isn’t a film review blog.

It’s funny, as I was watching the movie, I was daydreaming… thinking, ‘well this isn’t much of a story for my blog’. It was a pleasant, not too much to write home about date. Neither knock you off you seat fuelled with passion date or a want to slash your wrists date.

However, it’s ok. All was redeemed by the texts I received when I got home.

D: Good movie. Felt a bit like you couldn’t get away fast enough… Quite enjoyed your company too 🙂

(Quite? Uggh)

Q: Yeah it was a good movie. Oh sorry you felt that way. As I said when we said goodbye, I get up at 6am so had to get home to bed.

(The movie didn’t finish until 11pm and then I had a half an hour drive home)

D: That’s ok… Maybe we can do something again.

Q: Yep. I’d like that. Night Dave 🙂

D: Can I be a little too honest with you?

Q: Um yep

(Uh oh, what was I going to hear? I waited with bated breath)

D: You’re not normally the kind of girl I go for….

(What the fuck? How to make a girl feel special. Ok ok I know, he wasn’t my usual type either but I didn’t tell HIM that!)

D: But I kinda wanted to take that sexy pumpkin home!

(Sexy pumpkin, WTAF. Did I look like a pumpkin to him?

Q: Haha sexy pumpkin? Never been called that before. I know I’m a bit different. Also, takes me a while before I’m at getting taken home stage.

D: There’s nothing wrong with that, except I’m not stuck on the name sexy pumpkin so don’t worry.

Q: I don’t really mind lol. Just a slightly odd choice of wording. Haha

And with that I didn’t hear from him again.

I text my best friends in an annoyed way. Going on far too much about pumpkins.

But then… all became clear.

On Thursday I met up a with a friend called Laurence who I dated a couple of times a few months ago. He had disappeared out of my life and miraculously reappeared on Tuesday (this is all another story in itself).

I was telling him about my date and banging on about pumpkins. When I suddenly had a moment of clarity and realisation.

When I had said goodbye to Dave and told him I had to get home to bed he had said, “What? Do you turn into a pumpkin or something?” 

I had replied, “Very much. On a weeknight anyway”. And that was the last comment that was made as I walked away. Now the ‘sexy pumpkin’ comment made sense and was actually a little witty, which I like.

Laurence left mine at 9, and because I had had a few wines (“Oops I did it again”) I decided to text Dave and ask him if he was free for a chat. He said he’d ring me in half an hour.

He did and I explained how I now understood what he meant by ‘sexy pumpkin’. He sighed and said, “At last, that took a while.”  Anybody who knows me well knows I’m not the quickest with getting jokes anyway.

The conversation didn’t flow quite as well as normal. I’m not sure I’ll be hearing from him again but that’s ok. I think I only see him as a friend anyway.

So here I am alone on a Friday night, eating my salt and vinegar crinkle cut crisps, with a beer and my strange cat who is trying to steal my salt and vinegar crinkle cut crisps. I’m writing my blog, about to watch my favourite dating show. Oh it’s almost tragic. But I’m happy and excited about who will be…. NEXT!